2021 FAQs

Will the preliminary round performance affect the final results?

No, the preliminary round is for pre-screening purposes only and there’s no scoring of any kind.

As a solo category contestant, do we submit the final round recording even before we find out if we proceed from Semi to the Final?

Yes, both semi-final and final round videos are due by June 20th, 2021.  When the results of the semi-final round come in, the finalists will be notified, but there’s no need to take any action.  The judges will then gain access to the recorded performances of the finalists.


For the solo category, are scores between the semi-final and final rounds cumulative?

No, they are independent.  The final round scores will determine the end results.

Why are there two deadlines (May 7th and June 20th) for the final round?

The earlier deadline of May 7th is for the contestants to register for the final round (as well as semi-final round for solo category) and confirm their participation.  Once we receive your final registration, you will get your unique ID code to use for the HeartOut app to record your final round performance.

How early can I submit my final round performance?

The HeartOut app will be available from June 1st to June 20th.  You may submit your video anytime during this time window.

How many chances do I have to record?

You will have three tries.  All three will be saved temporarily so you can review and choose your best performance for final submission.  You may also record at different times and not do three runs at the same time.

Can my teacher review the videos before I submit?

The videos are not shareable or accessible from any other device.  If your teacher wishes to view the videos, he/she may have to sit through the recording session or you will have to take your device and physically show it to your teacher.  This is to ensure that the videos cannot be edited in any way.

What do I need to use the HeartOut app?

You will need a smartphone or tablet that can be connected to the internet.

I tried to record, but my dog started barking in the middle. What can I do?

If anything interrupts the recording that’s out of your control, we are happy to grant you another try.  You will not be able to cancel the recording on your own, but the tech team at HeartOut will be happy to assist you with this.