Grand Prize of $4,500

This year, we are awarding a grand prize to a contestant who has competed in the Solo category and either Contemporary Composers or Concerto category.  The participant must win a first prize in their solo category.  This award is shareable among multiple eligible contestants or be reserved at judges’ discretion.  

More than $15,000 of monetary awards

For Honorable Mention, Third Place, Second Place, and First place in every category. 

Indiana Wesleyan Scholarship


Chengdu University Scholarship

Bachelor’s Degree: $32,200 Masters Degree: $19,500

Partial Scholarship

The CRPF will be giving partial scholarships for the CK winners of each category in the following manner: Grand Prize – $500 1st Place – $400 2nd Place – $300 3rd Place – $200

The Costa Rica Piano festival

Multiple participation scholarships awarded to carefully selected winners. The Costa Rica Piano Festival is open for advanced piano students of all ages and nationalities. Participants will have the opportunity to take academic courses, private lessons, master classes, performances, competition, workshops, and seminars with highly renowned artists. In this amazing experience we will also be exploring some of the natural wonders of this beautiful country. For more information, please visit

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