Solo category only

Live round
Date and venue: TBA

The semi-final round will be open to general public.
Warm-up rooms will be available to all pianists at assigned times.
Each contestant must perform at the designated time.
Results will be announced at the end of each day of the semi-final performances.
$120: includes fee for the final round if selected

Time Limit

Each performance time limit is determined by the level entered.
Pianist will be stopped once the time limit is exceeded.

Elementary A: up to 6 minutes
Elementary B:  up to 8 minutes

Intermediate A: up to 10 minutes
Intermediate B: up to 12 minutes

Advanced A: up to 14 minutes
Advanced B: up to 16 minutes

Repertoire requirements

– Two original contrasting piano works of different musical eras. 
– Elementary level participants may perform compositions of the same time period if they are contrasting in nature and character.  
– Multiple movements, e.g. Chopin’s Preludes, are allowed within the time limit. 
– Pianists may perform the same piece/pieces from the Preliminary Audition round.
– Memorization is required.

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